Our Succession Plan

In order to sustain the success of a business, it is widely accepted as prudent to establish a "Plan of Succession". This approach is made more effective with structured training, professional development, continued education and practical application.

"I have entered into a formal "Plan of Succession" with my son Justin positioned to continue the financial advisory practice that I have built, at the appropriate time." says Kenny, "Justin shares my passion for serving the needs/interests of our clients. He accepts the responsibility of this area of stewardship with honor and humility. With Justin's intellect, high energy, love for people and the very deep support resources of Eagle Strategies LLC, I have unconditional confidence that my practice will be in good hands."

"In whatever season this transition is activated, I ask that you afford Justin the very same level of trust and confidence that you have placed in me. This area is well planned!", Kenny confidently expresses.

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